All about Personali-tees

Debi Clark started printing in the early 80's! Hand printing was her speciality and she soon excelled in manual printing. She quickly made a name for herself in this industry, working for several printing companies in and around Orlando.

After providing her talents and benefiting what was to become her last employer, Debi decided to put her knowledge to work for herself and Personali-tees became a reality in December of 1994. Taking advantage of all the knowledge that she has gathered through the years she has developed her own dream. As of 2010, Personali-tees has been in the same location for 15 years.

We pride ourselves on quality and honesty. When we make a deadline it is done...9 times out of 10 before the due date! We call that "Exceeding our customers expectations".

Personli-tees owns 3 automatic presses, 6/color, 12/color and 14/color M&R's! We also have a 6/color manual and vinyl heat press for samples, small runs and numbering.

Personali-tees currently has 7 full time employees and a full art department. We are very well known for quick turn-around and our quality!

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